Mild, light & smooth with elegant ginjo flavors. Produced by Watanabe Shuzoten, a very rare domaine-style sake brewer in the Nechi Valley in Niigata. Gentle slopes of the land, winds flowing through the valley, abundance of clear pure soft water from the nearby mountains – the Nechi valley provides ideal conditions for the brewery to grow premium sake rice.  They grow two major sakes rice varieties, Gohyaku-man-goku and Koshi Tanrei in the spring and summer. After harvesting rice in the fall, they brew the sake in the winter and store it in bottles for several months for maturation in a refrigerated storage room before shipping.

Basic info


Brand :           NECHI

Nickname :    Otoko Yama

Type of sake:  Junmai Ginjo

Seimai Buai:   Polished to 55%

Alcohol:          15.5% by volume

Size & UPC:  1.8L, 6-pack                UPC: 844650075021

                                720ml, 12-pack           UPC: 844650075038



Producer: Watanabe Sake Brewing Store 

Founded:        1868

Location: 1197-1 Negoya Itoigawa-shi, Niigata, Japan


President:      Yoshiki Watanabe, the sixth generation of the founding family.

Toji (Master Brewer): Yoshihisa Hirokawa


Ingredients & Technical data

Rice:                Gohyaku-man-goku & Koshi Tanrei

Water:             On-site well water, soft water  

Yeast:              G9

Nihonshu-do (SMV):     +2        Acidity:  1.4  Amino acids:  1.2 Sulfite-free. Preservative-free.


Other info

Serving temp.:  13-15 deg. C 

Tasting note:     Mild, light and smooth with elegant ginjo flavors.

Food Pairing:     Fish & shellfish – raw or lightly grilled - especially those caught off the coast  of Niigata Prefecture.