Basic Information

Brand: Midori-Kawa [meedory-kawa]  

Type of Sake:   Daiginjo

Seimai Buai:   Rice milled to 40 %

Alcohol:          17-18% by volume


Size & BPC: 720 ml/6-pack

UPC Code:     844650035001






Midorikawa Shuzo Founded: 1884

Owned by:

Ohdaira Family


4015-1 Aoshima, Uonuma-shi, Niigata 9460043, JAPAN




Toji (Master Brewer):  Kozo Meguro – Meguro-san has been making  sake for Midorikawa since 1985, and has been a master brewer since 1996.


Ingredients & technical data


Rice:                Koshi Tanrei & Hokuriku #12

Water:            Soft water from the 50-meter deep on-site well.

Yeast:              Kyoukai No. 9

SMV:    +5       Acidity:     1.5       Amino acids:       0.9


No sulfites, no preservatives.


Other information


Serving temp. : Chilled


Notes:   This special Daiginjo sake is made with all the craftsmanship and efforts of this kura such as labor intensive koji-making and slow low-temp fermentation in a small vat. Several batches made from two sake rices, Koshi Tanrei and Hokuriku #12 are tasted and then blended after matured at low temperature for at least two years.

Very defined and precise. Top flight producer of clean, pristine, connoisseur sake.

Midorikawa Shuzo won a gold medal at Japan National Sake Competition in 2015 & 2008.