Basic info


Nickname:      Potari Potari

Type of sake: Junmai Ginjo, Nama (un-pasteurized), Gen-shu (undiluted sake)

Seimai Buai:  Rice milled to 55 %

Alcohol:          17% by volume

Size & UPC:   720 ml, 12-pack         844650025101



Name:             Kirinzan Shuzo           Founded:        1843

Location:  46 Tsugawa, Aga-cho, Higashi-kanbara-gun,  Niigata 959-4402, Japan


President:       Shuntaro Saito – the 7th generation of the owner/founding family

Toji (Master Brewer):  Yoshiaki Hasegawa


Ingredients & tech data

Rice:               Gohyaku-man-goku

Water:             soft water 

Yeast:              -

Nihonshu-do (SMV):  +2  Acidity:  1.6        Amino acids:  - No sulfites. No preservatives.


Other info

Serving temp. : Serve chilled.

Tasting Notes:  Vibrant fresh nose with intensely herbal, guava, citrus aromas with an off-dry, crisp, fresh candied hazelnut finish.

Food pairing:  

Braised Cured Wild Stripped Bass with Hawaiian Black Salt and Pink Peppercoms -   The precise crispness of the curing bass along with the seasoned salt and pepper enhances clean herbal essence of the vibrantly fresh wile stripped bass. The sake interacts nicely with its intensity of freshness and tropical citrus fruit flavors 

Billi-Bi Soup (Cream of Mussels Soup) – The brininess of the mussel broth, combined with the richness of the cream allows the sake to assert its off-dry hazelnut flavor, adding a further element of complexity of sweetness and nuttiness.  


Kirinzan Shuzo is located near Mt. Kirin (= Kirin-zan) in Tsugawa where beautiful rivers run through. Kirin, a mythical creature much like a flying unicorn, is believed to bring about happiness.  The producer won gold medals at Japan National Sake Competition in 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, etc.