Basic information

Brand:   Kiminoi [keemi-noy]

Nickname:     Emperor's Well

Type:               Junmai Daiginjo, Yamahai

Seimai Buai:  Rice milled to 40 %

Alcohol:          16-17 % in volume

Size & BPC:   720 ml, 6-pack

UPC Code:     844650015003



Producer:  Kiminoi Shuzo   Founded: 1842

Owned by: Tanaka Family 

Location: 3-11, Shimomachi, Myokou-shi, Niigata 944-0048, Japan          




Toji (Master Brewer): Hiroshi Hayatsu

Hayatsu-san has been working with Kiminoi Shuzo for three decades.  


Ingredients & Technical data


Rice:                Koshi Tanrei

Water:             On-site well water.  Soft water

Yeast:              Kyokai #10

No sulfites, no preservatives.


SMV:               +3        Acidity:          1.3       Amino acids: 1.3


Other information


Serving temp.:  Chilled 46°F to room temperature 68°F (8-20°C)

Tasting Notes:  Forward aroma, full mouth feel and lingering finish.

Food Pairing:    Grilled seafood such as lobster, salmon & scallops with rich sauce.


The traditional “Yamahai” process is used for preparing the yeast starter, which creates a deep, rich, full bodied flavor. This sake is an excellent example of what can be created when combining old world, traditional techniques like Yamahai with the latest facilities and technological advancements such as the very precise computer controlled rice polishing machines. 

Kiminoi has won gold awards at Japan National Sake Competition in 2015, 07, 06, 04, 03, etc.