The Gold and Trophy winner at the International Wine Challnge (IWC-London) in 2013 and 2015. Round, mellow, off-dry, clean finish. This is the pinnacle of uma-kuchi (umami-rich) honjozo sake made by Takeda Shuzoten, a boutique sake house in the south-western part of Niigata Prefecture.


Basic information


Brand :           Katafune [Kah-tah-foo-né]

Nickname :     gLagoon Boath

Type of sake:  Tokubetsu Honjozo

Seimai Buai:   Rice polished to 60%.

Alcohol:          15.5% by volume

Size & UPC:  1.8L/6  @UPC 844650065022

                   @720ml/12 UPC 844650065039




300ml/12 UPC 844650065046


Takeda Shuzoten Ltd.   Founded:  1866






Location: 171 Kami-kofunatsu-hama, Ohgata-ku, Joetsu-shi, Niigata, Japan


President:      Shigenori Takeda   

Toji (Master Brewer):  Yoshio Kobayashi Shigenori is the ninth generation of the owner/founding family.


Ingredients & Technical data


Rice:                Koshi Tanrei (for koji making) & Koshi Ibuki (for main mash)

Water:             On-site well water, soft water  

Yeast:  Kyokai #9 @Sulfite-free, preservative-free.


Nihonshu-do (SMV):  - 3       Acidity:  1.3  Amino acids:   1.3


Other information


Serving temp.:  Room temperature, or luke-warm.


Tasting note:    Round, mellow, off-dry, umachi-rich. Lightly flowing on your tongue through throat  

Food Pairing:    Grilled fish, shellfish – raw, simmered, or grilled with soy sauce, linguine with clams and garlic, scallop seared and sautéed with butter.