Basic Information


Brand:            Kirin-zan

Type of sake: Junmai Daiginjo

Seimai Buai:  Rice milled to 45 %

Alcohol:          15-16% by volume

Size & UPC:  1.8 liter, 6-pack           844650025026

720 ml, 6-pack 844650025002



Name:             Kirinzan Shuzo           Founded:        1843

Location:        46 Tsugawa, Aga-cho, Higashi-kanbara-gun,

Niigata 959-4402, Japan


President:       Shuntaro Saito – the 7th generation of the owner/founding family

Toji (Master Brewer):  Yoshiaki Hasegawa


Ingredients & technical data


Rice:               Gohyaku-man-goku

Water:            soft water

Yeast:             G901

No sulfites, no preservatives.


Nihonshu-do (SMV):   +3      Acidity:  1.3        Amino acids:  1.2



Other information


Serving temp. : Serve chilled (50-59F or 10-15C).

Tasting Notes:  Elegant, refined, citrusy on the palate. 

Reminiscent of a clean mountain stream.

Food pairing: White fish & shellfish – raw, steamed or grilled.

                        Chicken  - roasted or grilled.


Kirinzan Shuzo is located near Mt. Kirin (= Kirin-zan) in Tsugawa where beautiful rivers run through. Kirin, a mythical creature much like a flying unicorn, is believed to bring about happiness.

The producer won gold medals at Japan National Sake Competition in 2012, 2009, 2008, 2007, etc.