Basic Information

Brand:          Kiminoi [keemi-noy]

Nickname:     Emperor's Well

Quality:        Junmai  Ginjo, Yamahai

Seimai Buai:  Rice milled to 58 %.

Alcohol:          15-16 % by volume

Size, BPC & UPC Code:       

720ml/12       844650015010

                   300ml/12       844650015027




Producer:     Kiminoi [keemi-noy] Shuzo             Founded:      1842

Owned by:    Tanaka Family

Location:      3-11, Shimomachi, Myokou-shi, Niigata 944-0048, JAPAN


Toji (Master Brewer): Hiroshi Hayatsu

Hayatsu-san has been working with sake for three decades.

Ingredients & technical data


Rice:               Gohyaku-man-goku

Water:            On-site well water.  Soft water

Yeast:                        Kyokai #10

No sulfites, no preservatives.


SMV:               +2                Acidity:          1.6     Amino acids: 1.5


Other information


Serving temp. :   Serve chilled (53-59F/12-15C), or warmed (113-122F/ 45-50C).

Tasting note:                 Rich aromas, complex flavors, and elegant clean finish.

Food Pairing:     Full flavored or rich dishes. Tempura. Grilled seafood with rich sauce.


This sake is produced by a traditional time-consuming method for preparing yeast starter called gYamahaih, which gives elusive gUmamih or richness and fullness of the flavor.

This yamahai sake won a gold medal at gJoy of Sakeh (the US National Sake Appraisal) in 2006.

Kiminoi has won gold awards at Japan National Sake Competition in 2008, 07, 06, 04, 03, etc.